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LUMA Capital Partners Invests in Blueshift, Pioneer in Segment-of-One Marketing


A major challenge marketers face is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time as the number of channels continues to grow. What is needed to solve this problem is a solution that combines automation, personalization, and predictive technology. Known as Segment-of-One Marketing, it offers hyper-targeted content to consumers wherever they are.

We are thrilled to announce that we have co-led the Series A investment in Blueshift, a pioneer in Segment-of-One Marketing. Blueshift’s technology provides a real-time 360-degree view of the customer journey and automates individual messages on every marketing channel. Based in San Francisco, Blueshift is led by marketers’ marketers—seasoned execs who helped build marketing platforms that drove $3 billion in annual sales at Walmart and Groupon.

The company’s automation and predictive technology is powered by Blueshift’s Interaction Graph platform, which collects data on consumers’ interests, purchase patterns and browsing behavior. Marketers can create rich segments from this data and personalize messages to these segments on any marketing channel, resulting in 3x-10x higher conversion and engagement. Blueshift’s groundbreaking work in machine learning and artificial intelligence that makes this all possible sets the company apart from its competition.

Blueshift is growing rapidly since launching two years ago with customers like ideel, RedMart, and Snapdeal. With their background at the largest retailers in the world, they intuitively understand the needs and concerns of B2C marketers. The team’s deep understanding of marketers’ goals and innovative spirit will put Blueshift at the forefront of this exciting space.

We’re convinced that Segment-of-One Marketing will be a very large category and with Blueshift’s impressive team, the company will be pushing innovation in the industry. We are thrilled to be an investor in Blueshift and look forward to working with the team to accelerate its growth!

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