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Jeremy Lin Knows He Will Always Have Doubters and Haters. So Will Startups…

jlinWhy do I love doing what I do?  I love proving people wrong.  It has been part of who I am ever since I was young.  You see, I was a significantly overweight child pretty much since birth.  For most of my childhood people would often underestimate my athletic abilities due to my appearances.  You know, the kid you pick last in kickball, the kid teachers put in the back of the classroom.  I always found myself proving others wrong and always worked tirelessly to win.  It’s probably one reason why I absolutely hate losing.  Similar to Jeremy Lin, even though he had a fantastic season w/ the Knicks, he still has doubters and haters.  He’s still seen as the underdog and will need to prove himself as he goes to the Rockets.  I think of him as a company who has raised a successful Series A round of financing, gotten some good product traction, but still needs to prove out its long-term sustainability.

When I back start-ups, to me, it brings me back to my childhood.  The big large technology companies who often fail to innovate are the popular kids you seek to emulate and the start-ups are the underdogs.  Every time a start-up sells to a Fortune 500 or an Internet company convinces a consumer to go to their website, they have to prove themselves time and time again until they become big.  Maybe that young start-up will one day grow up and become a popular kid.  Or, maybe it won’t.  Either way, I will always back the small guy and hope they win!  You know I’m rooting for Jeremy Lin.  He’s a disruptor in the game of basketball.  Sometimes disruption can be tough to swallow, but it often yields plenty of fruit.

2 comments on “Jeremy Lin Knows He Will Always Have Doubters and Haters. So Will Startups…

  1. Kevin Chou
    February 21, 2013

    You got put in the back of the classroom for your appearances??

    • CL
      February 24, 2013

      Nope, I often got picked last for kickball b/c people thought I looked “slow” due to being overweight. Little did they know that my need for speed more than compensated for my weight.

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